VHS offers a wide range of multipurpose solutions and high performance accessories for various systems of windows and doors technology. Meanwhile, the company mainly aims for continuous improvement in technical properties and quality of its products.

VHS is an experienced team of 300 staff working in a modern production plant of 23.000 m2 covered area. Upon the increasing demand in the national and international market, further investments have been made for new production lines and modern mould systems under automated and computer-controlled systems. Such significant progress in the process technology has resulted in increases the production capacity and product quality as well as decreases in any possible mechanical failure in the products.

With quality certificates achieved from various European countries for the entire process from design to production and with modern manufacturing facilities, product quality is continuously increasing.

By ensuring high level of confidence in manufacturing technology and product quality, VHS aims to meet the rapidly developing market needs in order to become a global brand.

Quality Management and Analyses

With the main aim of high quality levels, VHS products have achieved numerous quality standards certificates issued by Turkey and 8 European countries. Moreover, the production plant and the products are periodically inspected by national and international authorities, where technical and mechanical analyses such as endurance-durability, pressure-stress, loading and cycle, surface treatment tests are performed.

SILVER VHS SEAL Surface Coating Technology

SILVER VHS SEAL is a registered trademark of VHS, which is a high corrosion resistant surface protection process that uses nanoparticle technology.

All VHS hardware products undergo alkaline zinc coating surface treatment process. Additionally, the high corrosion resistant SILVER VHS SEAL coating offers a warranty for the hardware components (RAL-RG 607/3).

The surface coating and protection processes were developed in Europe using latest technology in the field of chemistry. The environment-friendly SILVER VHS SEAL coating process of VHS complies with the European Union RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directives.

VHS  tilt&turn systems have brilliant surface looks after the special surface protection with SILVER VHS SEAL coating, which complies with RAL standards. All hardware components' surfaces, that are coated by fully automated computer-aided robot control systems that provide homogeneous high corrosion resistance, appeal to both eye and human health. Systematic Salt Spray Tests applied with European standards regulations show that "white corrosion (white rust)" starts after 600 hours (RAL Standard threshold for "red corrosion" is 240 hours) on our high corrosion resistant products.